Found in 2018 , we are a Healthcare Service Provider focused on providing the best of products and services for Ostomy Care and Varicose Veins. Our focus is to provide a range of best quality products at affordable prices and to make available at the patient’s convenience.

Curespace Critical Ostomy Care is dedicated to delivering products that provide an optimum fit to prevent leakage, along with the best skin interface formulations to protect and maintain healthy skin.

We believe every unique person with a stoma deserves a customized solution, and the positive outcomes that can result. Our range of products and services are designed to do just that.

Curespae Varicose Veins Care products are designed to provide optimum care for easing of pain and discomfort in the patient. We aim to provide premium stockings and sleeves to minimize such discomfort and to be able to lead normal life.

Our Story

Making a difference

The roots to Curespae story began back in 1993, when one of the founders (at the age of 23) had an Ostomy operation and was conscious of socializing, of the fear that the ostomy bag may leak. Then the search for the most reliable product started. Unfortunately, India did not have access to the best of the Ostomy product then.

It was only in 2013 (post 2nd surgery – from Colostomy to Ileostomy), that he was able to access the best of Ostomy care products.

A Promise Made in 2013 : Reach out to thousands of people like him who want to live the life they want to lead- without the fear of rejection, and social stigma. And convert an adversity into an opportunity, by having access to the “Best-in-Class “ Ostomy care products at their Convenience, affordable price, and choice of products.

Our Vision :

CureSpae will provide Quality products and Compassionate patient centered Service and cure for its Patient Customers. This will be done through continuous Product Value Innovation and Doctor-Patient Community engagement.

Our Values :

Trust : Being Honest and Transparent with patients and teams.
Compassion : Provide Care with dignity, concern, kindness and a respect for diversity and community.
Quality : Deliver Quality in every aspect of our work. Quality of Product, Patient Service, Awareness and education to empower the patients to become partners in their Care.

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