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SIKSHA Ostomy Care is dedicated to delivering products that provide an optimum fit to prevent leakage, along with the best skin interface formulations to protect and maintain healthy skin. We believe every unique person with a stoma deserves a customized solution, and the positive outcomes that can result. Our range of products and services are designed to do just that. We are currently providing products of the most widely used brands in the Ostomy care manufacturing industry – Coloplast, Convatec, BaoHealth and Prowess. Products of great quality, at the same time affordable. Thank you for partnering with us on our journey.

How to size Ostomy Barriers?

A properly-fitted pouching system is essential to minimize stomal and skin irritation, and to obtain optimum pouch wear time. A stoma measuring guide allows correct measurement of the stoma. Measure the stoma before every barrier application. Select the barrier opening which fits where the skin and stoma meet. Verify that no skin is showing between the skin barrier and the stoma. Too large of an opening will leave skin exposed and could lead to skin irritation or erosion.

Choosing the Right Skin Barrier Makes All the Difference

No single skin barrier works for everyone  

Matching individual needs is at the core of skin barrier selection 

Skin type: healthy, normal, thin, fragile, sensitive, dry, flaky, oily, sweaty 

Type of stomal output: semi-formed/formed stool, liquid stool, urine – Change frequency

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